Here are some of the planning projects and research studies we can offer your community.  Please access the two links below to get more information on the clients Brian has worked with in the past and the full range of projects he has researched and managed.

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We want to work with your organization and community! 

We will help you find the right combination of services that  will meet your needs and fit your budget.

Needs Assessments

Whether it’s economic development, education, or human services, O’Neill Research can help your community assess and prioritize its needs.  This is the first step in any planning process. 


We conduct both primary and secondary research.  Our secondary research consists of a statistical and demographic trend analysis and a review of existing studies and plans in the community. 


 Our primary research consists of both qualitative and quantitative approaches.  We offer statistically valid surveys as a quantitative method of measuring community perceptions and attitudes.   We also gather qualitative data through focus groups and key informant interviews.   Where surveys can mine data on a broad number of questions, focus groups and key informant interviews gather “deeper” information on a very narrow range of key questions and issues. 


At the end of the assessment research, you will have a detailed needs profile and a clear understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT Analysis).  For more detailed information on these services see our page on RESEARCH TOOLS


3 yr and 5 yr Strategic Plans

Strategic plans almost always include a needs assessment.  After a SWOT analysis and a profile of your needs have been completed, the next logical step is to take systematic action.  A good strategic plan has detailed steps to completion including responsible parties, the required human and material resources, collaborators and their roles, and a detailed budget showing expenses and revenues.  Outcomes must be measurable, and benchmarks should help you track your progress.




41 school referenda in Indiana failed between 2008 and November of 2011. Only 30 succeeded.  Are you prepared to win the next one?


Scientific voter surveys can help you determine whether to place a question on the ballot or take time to build support.  If you decide to proceed, survey results will also help you tailor more effective messages to targeted groups of voters. 


Once your corporation has adopted a resolution for a referendum, a Political Action Committee (PAC) will need to fundraise and implement the campaign plan.  O’Neill Research and the Center for Community Opinion can provide comprehensive referendum services including organizing and managing the PAC.


Many grant-driven projects require external evaluation and often benefit from external management.  Brian O’Neill is an active member of the Indiana Evaluation Association and has significant experience evaluating projects such as CAPE grants. 


Brian O’Neill has successfully written millions of dollars of federal, state, and foundation-based grants.  He is ready to help your organization evaluate its chances of receiving funding and, if the chances are favorable, of preparing a competitive application. 


Before making significant investments in a new facility or capital project, conducting a feasibility study is often in the best interests of an organization.  Will the financial and/or programmatic returns justify the initial investment?   O’Neill Research will partner with an engineering firm and evaluate different construction and operational scenarios to provide your organization with a set of recommendations covering the full range of alternatives.  Will revenues fully cover operational as well as capital expenses?  Will the facility be able to meet service delivery expectations?  We can help you answer these fundamental questions.