Is your organization failing, surviving, or thriving?


You need a plan to thrive.  O'Neill Research facilitates strategic plans and conducts research for a broad range of organizations. We can help your organization identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  We can let you know where you stand in regard to key metrics through statistical and demographic trend analysis. We can help you determine the perceptions and attitudes of your clients and stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and surveys. We can provide key leaders with the right information to make the right decision. We can help your organization or community take charge of its future.



O'Neill Research is comprised of experienced people. 

Brian O'Neill has over 30 years of experience in strategic planning.  He is joined by his sons Daniel and Patrick who are both outstanding young professionals.  Brian, Dan, and Pat all held positions at Strategic Development Group (SDG), one of Indiana’s most distinguished consulting firms.  O'Neill Research has maintained a close relationship with SDG   It's a partnership that offers our clients a range of expertise you'd expect in a larger firm with the personal service you'll get from a small one.  Please visit our partner's website at:


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Brian O'Neill, President

O'Neill Research LLC


 "I believe that our consultant, Brian O’Neill, has a real passion for what he does. It was obvious that he really cared about our community and wanted us to be successful. Every aspect of his service was thorough, well-researched, timely, and well-presented. He was very flexible, working with our schedule and our unique needs.”       
        Jan Douglas
        Former Executive Director
        United Way of Miami County


Call our office to schedule a free consultation with Brian about your information and planning needs.

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Needs Assessments

Strategic Plans

Economic Development

Land Use Planning


Polling & Tax Referendum Surveys

Project Management and Evaluation

Grant Writing and Oversight

Feasibility Studies