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Our statistical and demographic report is based on detailed research protocols and includes tables, graphs, and analysis in the areas such as the following:

Economic Environment:

  • Population
  • Age
  • Household Income
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Job Creation by Sector
  • Educational Attainment


Social and Family Issues:

  • Household and Family Structure
  • Language, Immigration, Ethnicity  and Race
  • Transportation and Commuting
  • Special Populations which would include children, youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, and AIDS/HIV
  • Housing including Cost Burden
  • Crime
  • Mortality Rates
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Targeted Surveys are designed for respondents in vulnerable populations who may have minimal literacy.

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A public survey on health and human services has detailed questions under the following 11 categories:

  • Health
  • Disabilities
  • Mental health
  • Addiction
  • Early childhood and child rearing
  • Youth
  • Senior Citizens
  • Domestic violence
  • Housing
  • Financial crisis
  • Economic opportunity
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A service provider survey has been specifically designed for human services agencies and includes:

  • An assessment of service capacities which includes internal strengths and weaknesses and their external opportunities and threats (SWOT Profile)
  • Information on the full range of issues impacting human services organizations including the status of budgets, office technology, staff stability, importance and availability of volunteers, gaps in service, and the numbers of clients served and unserved
  • This survey is made available online and takes twenty to thirty minutes to complete. 
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We have significant expertise in conducting focus groups with a wide range of constituencies including vulnerable populations, human services professionals, students, parents, and key leaders in business, education, and government.

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We offer facilitation of public hearings and meetings which can include well designed PowerPoint presentations.  After the meeting concludes, you will receive reports and analysis of public comments.