What Our Clients Have To Say!

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We completed a Health and Human Services Needs Assessment for Howard County Indiana. 

It provided human servides data for the United Way Agencies and served as a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for the not-for-profit hospitals. The Afforcable Care Act requires these hospitals to conduct a CHNA every three years.

The partnering agencies included

  • The City of Kokomo
  • The Community Foundation of Howard County
  • Howard County Health Department
  • Howard Regional Health Hospital
  • Ivy Tech
  • St. Joseph Hospital
  • The United Way of Howard County

The purpose of the assessment was to identify priority needs and gaps in the provision of services for vulnerable populations.  We conducted both secondary and primary research on human needs in the community and on capacities of social service agencies to address those needs.  In addition, this study was designed to serve as a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for the Howard County Health Department and for Howard County’s two not-for-profit hospitals: Howard Regional Health and St. Joseph Hospital. 

Here's what our clients in Howard County said about our work:

Recently United Way of Howard County and our community partners completed the 2012 Howard County Needs Assessment. I would HIGHLY recommend Brian O’Neill as a consultant/contractor for similar projects. He exceeded our expectations and produced an excellent product within our budget and timeframe! Brian and his cohorts were professional and our satisfaction was their priority. With 7 community partners and changing requirements, it was a challenge before, during and after the process to keep all tasks moving forward. Brian truly was a pleasure to work with and presented our community with a wonderful reference tool.


Lori Tate, President

United Way of Howard County

210 West Walnut Street

Kokomo, IN  46901

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The 2012 Howard County Needs Assessment Process was the third one I guided during the past 10 years.  It is also the one that has been most thorough and well developed.  Under the guidance of Brian O’Neill and O’Neill Research, LLC our 7 Needs Assessment Partners experienced a solid frame-work for the creation of the elements of the studies; how the process would be most effective in gleaning the necessary information to really understand Howard County and the City of Kokomo in 2012.  As a healthcare leader, I also asked that the study include a healthcare assessment that has been mandated by CMS as part of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Both Howard Regional Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital had this additional need and Brian and his staff did an excellent job in incorporating the health assessment in the overall process and outcomes.  Not surprising to the Needs Assessment Partners nor our Community Leaders is the fact that the overall needs within our Community are very much a blend of Health and Human Service Issues.  What a great benefit this study will be to our 4 Communities Partnership as well as individual organizations and agencies in working towards a healthier community in the years to come.  This study is the most concise, data and people driven study we have had in the 10 years I have served the people of Kokomo”


Sister Catherine Kelly, MTS; MS-HS

Vice President/Mission Integration

St. Joseph Hospital